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5 best vegan burger bars in London you need to try

Fast food and veganism were once like Kanye West and Taylor Swift — they simply didn't go together (like, not even in the same room, together). But it's 2021, and...

Fast food and veganism were once like Kanye West and Taylor Swift they simply didn't go together (like, not even in the same room, together). But it's 2021, and plant-based eating at burger joints in London has never been more accessible (or freakin’ delicious). 

Get ready to get greasy as we reveal the top five best vegan fast food joints to grab the best vegan burgers in London! 

5) Mooshies Vegan Burger Bar

Jackfruit, panko fried aubergine, organic quinoa - these are just some of the crazy (and tasty) beef alternatives you'll find at Mooshies Vegan Burger Bar. This 100% plant-based venue features some pretty incredible vegan finds, but the menu item that has customers coming back for more has to be their hand-crafted burgers. There are four iconic vegan burgers to choose from:

  • Pulled Mooshie
  • What's Ur Beef?
  • Fillet-Om-Phish
  • Magic Mushroom

You'll have difficulty selecting just one! Pair it with its loaded fries, and you'll be a Mooshie mega fan for life! 

4) Vurger Co

Perfectly melted vegan cheese over a Beyond Meat patty, a special house-made burger sauce, gherkins, tomatoes, and an extraordinary backstory makes the New York Melt a force to be reckoned with at Vurger Co. You'll have trouble selecting just one of their many almond and soya vegan shakes to pair it with, with flavours including banana caramel and chocolate hazelnut. Vurger Co began in 2016 as a small market stall and opened its first restaurant in March 2018. In addition to serving up sustainable food, their packaging is made from plants and fully compostable. Discover more of their environmental initiatives here.

3) Rudy's Vegan Diner

Rudy's Vegan Diner is, according to their website, vegan AF and serving up plant-based American cuisine. They've had to work to adapt to the pandemic, which is why they are now offering customers DIY burger kits. The best part is, however, that £1 gets donated to Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary for every vegan burger kit purchased! Don't forget to pair your burger with one of their vegan milkshakes, with flavours including Childhood Memories (aka chocolate peanut butter), Rainbow Unicorn, Girl Scout, and Banana Biscoff Bonanza.

2) Temple of Seitan

An absolute institution in the London fast food scene since day one, if you know you know; this one needs no introduction. With their 1/4 pound vegan patty, classic vegan mayonnaise, melted cheese, crispy faux bacon, pickles, and slathered in house BBQ sauce, this two-hand-needing burger will knock your vegan socks off. Temple of Seitan now has four restaurants in London, all of which are 100% vegan.

1) Halo Burger

Halo Burger was an obvious winner for the top vegan burger spots in the city, with four fabulous London locations. The team here opened in 2018, intending to create the tastiest vegan fast-food burger in the city. Featuring Beyond Meat patties, visitors get the best burger experience ever (according to the founder, it took 18 months to perfect the recipe), which is great, because their target demographic are actually carnivores, so the stakes are high. The 100% plant-based restaurant doesn't want its customers to compromise but to instead try their vegan fast food and realise they don't need the real deal in their life. 

Want even more juicy vegan reads? Look no further than Plant Faced Clothing's Journal, featuring a plethora of blog posts that will help you to create the best plant-based recipes you possibly can. 

These recipes are so good you might find all other food seriously disappointing. Check out some of our favourites below! 


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