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31 of the Best Vegan Recipe Instagram Accounts

Are you giving Veganuary a shot, or maybe you know someone who is? Go you! Going vegan for a month may seem like a difficult challenge, but we’re confident you...

Are you giving Veganuary a shot, or maybe you know someone who is? Go you! Going vegan for a month may seem like a difficult challenge, but we’re confident you can have a blast with it and feel better than ever with the help of some inspiration from some of our favourite vegan Instagram accounts below.

Find the motivation and creativity you need to sail through this month like a breeze and have fun with it. Below you’ll find a selection of some of our all-time favourite vegan Instagrammers to go to whenever we need a hit of inspiration for what to cook for vegan breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Healthy, glutinous, easy, cheap, extravagant, we got you covered for every occasion and food mood.

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#1 thee_burger_dude

Follow for: Some seriously good looking turbo vegan junk food attack. A plethora of vegan comfort food and fast food classics, veganised. Everything from Big Macs to mac n cheeze. Not for the faint at heart or health-conscious, this is some delicious coronary attack material only!

#2 veganbowls

Follow for: A daily source of inspirational clean eats and nourishing healthy buddha bowl combinations to inspire you to eat well and balanced during Veganuary. Beautiful rainbow bowls full of goodness to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen, plus a few extra fun dishes to mix it up with.

#3 that.veganbabe

Follow for: A range of fun, easy plant based recipes that will get you excited about cooking and veganising your favourite classic dishes. Balanced with a dose of delicious healthy vegan desserts to get your sweet tooth hit, too.

#4 olivesfordinner

Follow for: Beautifully photographed vegan meals; the perfect balance of healthy and treat meals, with a wonderful mixture of different cuisines and flavours from around the world, veganised.

#5 consciouschris

Follow for: Hearty food for the big appetites. Lots of vegan comfort food classics and carb heaven.


#6 madebyblitz

Follow for: Delicious, quick, easy Tik Tok-style recipe vids with a great dose of humour. Calum A.K.A. Blitz’ clever, snappy clips will have you chuckling all the way into the kitchen.

#7 pengveganmunch

Follow for: Tasty tasty fried veganised classics for when you want to fake the takeout or load up on the carbs. Also follow for the best ever fried potatoes plug.

#8 okonomikitchen

Follow for: The most incredibly inventive and creative spins on Japanese classics. If you were a seafood lover, Lisa will fill up your little ocean heart with mouthwatering creations.

#9 sovegan

Follow for: An awesome range of inspiration that are simple for anyone to make, low on ingredients and suit all tastes. Packed with flavour, protein and colour!

#10 thecuriouschickpea

Follow for: No shortage of ideas to get you excited about vegan dinner and cooking vegan. Beautifully photographed meals 


Follow for: A Norwegian vegan queen! Easy, delicious plant-based recipes which will leave you feeling very satisfied and nourished.

#12 herbifoods

Follow for: Healthy vegan recipes everyone can make!

#13 pengveganmunch

Follow for: Hearty vegan comfort food with some real fun creations of your favourite non-vegan classics, veganised.

#14 fitgreenmind

Follow for: Mouthwatering, filling vegan creations and lots of delicious carbs!


Follow for: You can’t spell vegan recipes with BOSH! The real OGs for plant based food inspo. Fun to watch, quick and easy mashable style videos.

#16 turnipvegan

Follow for: Fun, bright, colourful and hearty vegan dishes with no shortage of good carbs and plenty of stuff that will make you look forward to your next meal!

#17 sepps_eats

Follow for: Lots of naughty eats and deep fried goodness for when you need another cheat day.

#18 healthygirlkitchen

Follow for: Exciting healthy plant based food ideas with lots of great recipes for lunches!

#19 rebelrecipes

Follow for: Incredibly vibrant, perfectly photographed vegan food that would make Ottolenghi jealous.

#20 plantyou

Follow for: A never-ending inspiration source of recipes that will make you go ‘ooh, aahh!’.

#21 bensvegankitchen

Follow for: Paaaasta and noooodles!

#22 itslizmiu

Follow for: Endlessly entertaining vegan cooking reels with a dash of humour and all round great energy, plus all round amazing food with every colour of the rainbow.

#23 plantbasedrd

Follow for: Easy and tasty plant based recipes made by a vegan dietitian!

#24 thrivingonplants

Follow for: Delicious, vibrant Asian-inspired vegan dishes which will impress even the hardest critics. Mostly quick and easy for anyone to make!

#25 chez.jorge

Follow for: Probably one of our faves ever — this Taiwanese vegan cooking KING will blow your mind with all kinds of Asian-inspired incredibly creative vegan dishes. You will be hitting that save button on repeat!

#26 nomeatdisco

Follow for: Daily quality content from a photographer and food stylist — AKA top notch vegan content. TBH we want to try every dish!

#27 maxlamanna

Follow for: The best super easy, simple, quick, FUN vegan recipes everyone will like with a focus on fighting food waste by the charming Max — you will also learn how to use ALL of your ingredients and find use for the scraps!

#28 frommybowl

Follow for: Incredible plant based food inspiration on tap and extremely good looking, colourful meals of all assortments.

#29 netocraves

Follow for: Mexican/Texan inspired vegan cuisine, with some seriously inspiring, rainbow dishes filled with flavour.

#30 rabbitandwolves

Follow for: Simple and awesome vegan comfort food that everyone will love! Plenty of warming classics. Lauren is a fantastic plant based cook with her own cookbook.

#31 happyskinkitchen

Follow for: Simply, beautiful skin and insides with all these deliciously wholesome, healthy vegan creations.

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