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Our Top 10 UK Vegan Snacks & Treats

The following article is a guest post by The Vegan Filter — the #1 vegan extension for the UK on the Chrome Webstore. It automatically sets vegan filters for you when...

The following article is a guest post by The Vegan Filter — the #1 vegan extension for the UK on the Chrome Webstore. It automatically sets vegan filters for you when you browse shopping sites. Like this you find vegan groceries, fashion and cosmetics faster.

VEGNEWS: ‘Turns The Internet Into A Vegan Shopping Paradise’


At The Vegan Filter, we’re pretty fond of veganism.

We love veganism so much that we made it our job to bring you the world's most loveliest and tastiest vegan products from all your favourite supermarkets. Now, you can discover more vegan options without changing the way you do your online shopping.

Veganism has become a phenomenon, it’s already a way of life for millions of people. For others, whilst veganism might seem exciting and the change in life they need, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry people, we are here to help.

At the moment, most of us are spending a bit more time around the house and sometimes your poor old fridge and snack draw can become the big bad wolf.

Every time boredom strikes, we head to the fridge. If we get a little spike of hunger, off we scoot to the cupboard. If breakfast didn’t quite cut it, our hands are scrambling for the cookie jar. Snacking is bad for you, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. The good news is that these vegan snacks are so delicious and so incredibly good for you, that we just had to pull together a list of our top 10 vegan favourites. It would have been rude of us not to.

Here they are and in no particular order. Ta-dah...

1. Pulsin - Caramel Choc & Peanut Protein Bar

These powerful little protein bars really pack a punch of taste and energy.


The Caramel Choc & Peanut bar from Pulsin is not only great for a pre or post workout but also perfect for a natural energy boost during that mid-afternoon slump.

We know protein products are very important for a lot of fitness lovers. The beauty of 100% vegan options like this Pulsin bar, is you can be confident you’re giving your metabolism and energy release the best boost possible, without any nasty bits.

This Pulsin bar has been crafted with peanuts and dairy-free choc chips and is just naturally sweetened. It also contains the optimum blend of pea and rice protein to provide all of the required essential amino acids. Cold pressed for optimum nutritional value, this delicious caramel choc vegan protein bar contains 13g of plant-based protein- that’s about 25% of the recommended daily intake. Wow!

The next time you reach for your snack cupboard, pick one of these bad boys up for a lovely little lift and a nutritious nibble - you can even bag 30% off with code VEGAN30.


2. CHOC CHICK - Quinoa Pops & Plantain Bites

These crispy quinoa and plantain bites will rock your world.


These are oh so moreish, in the best way. These delicious little pops and bites will be gone before you know it, that’s the only trouble. The Quinoa Pops & Plantain Bites from CHOC CHICK are high in cocoa and completely gluten free, so you can enjoy a naughty tasting snack without the heaviness.

They are free from dairy (of course) but also free from palm oil and soya. In-fact, these little beauties are 50% less sugar than a Malteser, so chomp away without the guilt. When it gets down to the cacao itself, that beautifully dark and mysterious substance, these guys don’t cut corners.

CHOC CHICK is one of the only businesses in the UK to import directly from cooperatives in Ecuador. The CHOC CHICK Founder, Galia Orme, has visited cooperatives and cocoa plantations to source the finest cacao. Which, by the way, is single origin Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma bean, renowned for its floral and fruity notes - a perfect combo with quinoa and plantain.

Once you’ve snacked like this, you ain’t going back.


3. Nudie Snacks - Vegan Snack Box

This box of vegan delights will keep you sorted for the week ahead.


There really is only one thing better than a Nudie vegan snack and that’s a whole box of them. This special little Snack Box from Nudie is the perfect care package for days like these and it packs serious flavour. They are also high in fibre, super high in protein and low in sugar; so these beauties will give you sustained energy in between meals.


If you’ve got kids or a family, these snacks are perfect for the little ones and grown ups. The coconut chips, roasted lentils and beans and protein balls, are perfect for when those cravings hit or if you’re looking to replenish after working out. We especially love the Chilli & Lime roasted chickpeas for a savoury kick and the Choccy Orange & Peanut Butter Protein Balls for something sweet.

This handy little box of vegan goodies is perfect for the whole household, there’s something for every taste.


4. Nix & Kix - Ultimate Pick me up

A can of delightful vegan energy, bursting at the seams with natural flavours - and what a great alternative to a 'snacky' treat!


These gorgeous little cans from Nix & Kax bring together a perfect harmony of natural flavour, using ingredients like cucumber, mint, ginger and mango. The secret to Nix & Kixs natural energy? Well, that’s down to the Cayenne and it’s active component, capsaicin which gives you a vegan powered boost.

Energy drinks have, for too long, been packed with additives and colours and all kinds of bad stuff, so it’s refreshing to finally have a healthy and vegan option in the Nix & Kix can. The real benefit of these Pick Me Ups is sustained and gentle energy throughout the day, rather than the harsh spike that caffeine can give you.

Watch out world, when you’ve knocked one of these back you’ll be living your best life.


5. Vedge - Explore Collection

The world’s only veg bars. These delicious little bars have to be worth a try.


These bars from Vedge are another great fully vegan snack. Who knew vegetables could be deliciously satisfying as a snackbar? This collection, from Vedge, is the perfect place to start if you haven’t tried them before because you get a taste of every flavour combination.

The snazzy box contains all eight flavours of the bars, ranging from savoury lime and chili, to sweet cacao and orange. Vedge pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients and the adventurous flavour combinations. It really shows in the taste and texture. Some of these bars are even 2 of your 5 a day in one go, like the fabulous balsamic tomato flavour.

For the adventurous snacker, these scrummy little Vedge bars are ideal for a healthy vegan twist on your favourite veggies.

6. Mister Free’d - Cheezie Vegan Cheese Tortilla Chips

For all Doritos Tangy Cheese cravers, there’s a vegan alternative!


These vegan cheesy snacks are super scrumptious and if you remember the taste of cheesy tortilla chips from back in the pre-vegan days, you’ll remember they were the most addictive snack around. Well these Mister Free’d vegan alternatives are the new real deal, and very healthy on top.

These Cheezie cheese flavour tortilla chips not only have the most gorgeous packaging in the crisp game, but they also follow through on the taste. They’re also gluten free and very high in fibre. Even those that aren’t of the vegan persuasion are saying these bad boys taste better than Doritos.

If you’re after a snack for binging on your latest favourite Netflix series or watching sports on catch up, these cheesy delights are the perfect companion.

7. Mimselicious - Millionaire Bites

These handmade bites of delight will make you feel a million dollars.


Vegan millionaire shortbreads? Yes please. These are indulgent but also oh so healthy! They are gluten, dairy and sugar free but also handmade, so they are super special.

These Millionaire Bites should be a naughty little snack but they’re powered by plants, so you can snack and nibble away completely guilt free. Each 48g pack contains six bite-sized Millionaire pieces and they come in three deliciously scrumptious flavours; chocolate & almond, chocolate chip and triple chocolate.

Each bite features a moreish cookie dough in three different flavours which are then topped with a creamy salted date caramel and a cracking layer of luscious dark chocolate. The Millionaire Shortbread has long been a classic, get your hands on this vegan twist to see what all the fuss was about.

Enjoy these little bites with an afternoon brew, or even as a mid-morning snack. Elevenses? Is that still a thing?

8. Annie's Vegan Treats - Salted Caramel Bark

Yes, bark. This fun vegan snack is sure to brighten your day and tantalise your tastebuds.


Annie’s Vegan Treats are just our faves. They offer 5 different flavours of dark Belgian chocolate bark. We love the Salted Carmel flavour but they also do Ginger and Apricot, Sea Salt and Chilli, Cranberry and Hazelnut but the most popular is Salted Caramel. Annie's Salted Caramel bark is 100% vegan friendly with sustainable packaging and locally sourced ingredients.

These guys were actually awarded a Gold Citation at the Lincolnshire Taste of Excellence Awards last year and they are members of the Vegan Traders Union, for vegan-run independent businesses.

That is definitely worth shouting about and so is this gorgeous Salted Caramel. A yummy vegan snack.

9. Rhythm 108 - M’lk & Hazelnut Truffle Bar

Truffles galore, this is indulgently vegan and smothered with silky smooth Swiss choccy.


This M’lk & Hazelnut Truffle Bar is filled with a delicious creamy hazelnut praline and coated in velvety Swiss Chocolate. The Truffle Bar from Rhythm 108 is the first of its kind and has no crept onto the shelves of some of the bigger supermarkets. It continues to be vegan, gluten-free and organic.

Rhythm 108 have had 100% positive feedback from customers who have tried this scrumptious delight so far. It’s really made waves in the vegan circles as being a kick-ass snack.

Everyone needs to treat themselves sometimes, this vegan Truffle Bar is the perfect balance of naughty and nice.


10. Doisy & Dam - D&Ds

‘Chocolate makes everything better, so Doisy & Dam made everything about chocolate better’.


The Doisy & Dam are on a mission to shake up the sweet aisle with sustainable, ethical and irresistible chocolate. There’s one important difference, no palm oil in sight!

D&Ds are a party in a bag, a multicoloured, mismatched handful of sugar-coated dark chocolate pieces. This gorgeous share bag is basically grown up dark chocolate versions of traditional favourites, but made vegan and made high quality. Of course.

Doisy & Dam do have other share bags, so we’ll also give them a cheeky little shout out. Ballers are crunchy golden malted balls decked out in velvety dark chocolate. Buttons are an extra-large heavy hit of 70% unadulterated chocolate.

These D&Ds are a twist on a modern classic and perfect for a party, or better yet indulging yourself!


We hope you found something that caught your eye and tickled your fancy, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest vegan goodies.


Don’t forget, you can use The Vegan Filter's handy Chrome Extension for faster, easier vegan shopping on your favourite sites with auto-applied filters. Head to the Chrome Store to download The Vegan Filter for free!


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