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8 ways to do some good in your community during the COVID-19 quarantine

There are so many questions up in the air right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  When will it be over? When will lock-down restrictions be lifted? When will the...

There are so many questions up in the air right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic

When will it be over? When will lock-down restrictions be lifted? When will the economy bounce back? Many of the answers to these questions remain [sadly] the same - we don’t know.

That uncertainty, coupled with job loss and loss of life, has made living in today’s world pretty scary.

If you need some positivity in your life right about now, it may be time to try to shift your focus from everything going wrong with the world and try to do some good during your free time. This is why we put together eight ways you can do some good in your community during the quarantine

Keep reading to find out how you can help! 

1) Foster an animal

Give an animal a temporary home during quarantine until a forever home is found by fostering an animal! Fostering is an incredibly important aspect of animal rescue and truly is integral to a non-profit. Animal lovers have the opportunity to help shelters ease their occupancy by taking a dog or two off their hands. 

By fostering, you are freeing up space in an animal shelter, which allows rescue organizations to make room for more animals that need saving. You are also a place where animals can start to heal from whatever it is that left them homeless in the first place. Once they are finally adopted, they are more used to living in a home as opposed to a shelter or, even worse, the streets, thanks to you! 

2) Stay positive on social media

We are bombarded with negative news, so why not stay positive on social media and spread some love? Keep the criticism and constant reminder of COVID-19 to a minimum, and maybe even throw in some good old subtle animal activism information and inspiration now and again! 

3) Shop local and small biz

Big businesses, at the end of this pandemic, will undoubtedly suffer losses. Still, these will pale in comparison to the economic tragedies taking hold of small and local businesses. Instead of spending your money at globally renowned companies, try to pump some cash into small and cruelty-free business owners in your area, including plant-based restaurants or online independents like Plant Faced! ;)

4) Donate money

If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can also donate money to a cause you believe in! Some global organizations accepting funds to support pandemic relief efforts include:

5) Buy gift cards for future in-store purchases

Just because you can’t leave your house doesn’t mean you can’t support local businesses! Instead, find some of your favourite stores you shop at pre-COVID and purchase gift cards for you and your family. 

6) Make someone a meal

Take to your kitchen to cook up a delicious vegan meal for someone in need. Some families may be struggling to find enough time to work and homeschool their children, let alone cook them a warm meal. Take out your favourite vegan cookbook and make your neighbour a delicious and cruelty-free meal. 

7) Become a virtual volunteer

If you ever wanted to brush up on your customer service or social media skills and do some good, now is the time. Many organizations are looking for virtual volunteers to assist with things, including social media, customer service, content creation, and so more. Websites like Volunteer Match have a plethora of opportunities you can take advantage of during these unpredictable times, many of which are entirely remote. 

Ruff House Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization on Long Island, New York, for example, is looking for a commentator, reviewer, and poster on social media as well as website assistants and crowdfunding. Virtual volunteer opportunities not only aid animals and people in need, but they can also be done from the comfort of your own home! 

8) Deliver groceries

You never know who may be struggling to find the time or courage to make it to the grocery store during the pandemic. Offer to lend a hand to your friends, family members, and neighbours on message boards, by leaving a note in their letterboxes, or by reaching out on the phone. Some grocery stores have even implemented noticeboards where helpful citizens can put their contact information to help deliver groceries! 

For even more amazing reads to keep you busy during quarantine when you aren’t volunteering your valuable time, be sure to check out Plant Faced Clothing’s Journal, which is inclusive of amazing articles about natural and eco-friendly DIY cleaning solutions, essential vegan pantry items, our 21 favourite vegan documentaries you need to binge now, and so much more! 


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