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Buy 1 Plant 1

We love our mother earth & we wanted to find a way to give a little back for what she gives.



We wanted to take what it means to be a responsible & sustainable brand to the next level, to invest in a cause that will help offset the resources we use, and one day that idea came in like a lightbulb —
Buy 1, Plant 1. Why don’t we plant trees? The word is in our name! Trees are such an important part of the biodiversity of our climate, and we want to do our part to keep our mother beautiful.


Your trees get planted across the globe in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya, with our official partner Eden Reforestation Projects.




No matter what you buy, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf for every item you buy. That’s right, even if you buy a T-shirt, a hoodie, and a pin, we’ll plant 3 trees for you. At the end of each month, we calculate how many items we’ve sold, and send enough funds over to our tree planting partner, Eden Reforestation, to get planting 1 tree for each item! All with the effort to give back to the environment, capture nasty CO₂ from our air, protect biodiversity and help mother nature keep doing its bit.


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