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Meet the Plant Gang: Mercedes Bazan 🌱

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview and the second part in our Meet the Plant Gang series featuring the exceptionally talented vegan graphic designer and illustrator, Mercedes Bazan...

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview and the second part in our Meet the Plant Gang series featuring the exceptionally talented vegan graphic designer and illustrator, Mercedes Bazan @mechibaz. Hailing from the vibrant country of Argentina and now calling San Francisco home, Mercedes brings a unique blend of creativity and compassion to the world of design.

Join us as we delve into the artistic realm of Mercedes. This interview offers an authentic glimpse into her inspiring journey.

Mercedes' artwork transcends borders and resonates with individuals worldwide, echoing the essence of conscious creation. We sat down with Mercedes to gain insight into her creative process and the heartfelt stories woven into every graphic masterpiece.

This is your opportunity to meet the newest member of the Plant Gang and get to know the extraordinary talent behind the illustrations!

Mercedes' fave— the Delete Meat Tee - White

Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your artistic journey and how you became a vegan illustrator?

MB: Hi! My name is Mercedes Bazan and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been living in San Francisco, California for over 7 years now. I studied graphic design at the FADU and got my degree in graphic design in 2016. As soon as that happened, I got a job offer from a tech company and that job offer involved relocating to California. When my visa expired in 2017 I moved to Ireland and spent a year and a half there. During that period of time I was going through hard times and my mental health was very low, and found a lot of relief and happiness illustrating.

I have always loved illustration but I have never taken it seriously. However, in 2018 everything changed when I started getting paid commissions. After that point I have been illustrating as a freelancer on top of having a full time job at the same tech company that hired me in 2016.

I was on a vegetarian diet for a couple of years but when the pandemic hit, I started considering going on a full vegan diet and cut the usage of animal products overall. I have a friend that was sharing a lot of the cruelty of the dairy industry on social media and that helped me make the decision to make a change. 

How did you discover Plant Faced Clothing and what drew you to the brand?

MB: I think it was through an advertisement and I was like, wow! These designs are super cool and I would actually like to use them. I like that the apparel could be conversation starters.

Were there any specific moments or experiences that solidified your commitment to a vegan lifestyle?

MB: Definitely researching and watching a lot of heartbreaking videos of the meat and dairy industry. Seeing all the cruelty and the abuse of animals made me feel sick. I feel as an animal lover, I should treat all species with the same love and respect.

Are there specific artists who have influenced your style and approach to illustration?

MB: Yes! curisaris, Mau Lecinas, benjinate, estampita, among others!

How do you find that your vegan lifestyle supports your creative process and fuels your inspiration?

MB: I feel I could be doing more advocating. I think since I have a platform with a couple followers, it could be great to be doing more and saying more. That is something I really want to do next year as a big personal project, I want to create illustrations advocating for animals and maybe create some apparel and merchandise with it. My idea is to donate a percentage of what to organizations who rescue animals from abuse in Argentina.

Do you have a favourite animal that often appears in your illustrations, and if so, why?

MB: My cat probably, even though I don't draw him much, he is always around me. When I stream on Twitch he is next to me all the time.

If your artistic style could be described as a vegan dish, what would it be?

MB: Oh! good question... Maybe strawberry and chocolate sorbet.

Could you share some of your favourite go-to plant-based meals?

MB: I LOVE vegan burritos and tacos.

Favourite place to grab vegan food where you live?

MB: My go to is a restaurant in San Francisco called Gracias Madre and their menu is 100% plant based, all their food is awesome. There is also a vegan sushi place that I love that is called Shizen which I really like for a more fancy dinner type of night. The good thing about this city is that there are more and more vegan places popping up and they are very creative with their menu.

Favourite snack ever?

MB: This might sound boring but I love snacking cashews <3 Also a big fan of vegan smoothies!!

The final questions to tie this all up… Shoestring or thick-cut fries? Cats or dogs? And if you were to illustrate an animal that represents you, what would it be?

MB: Hahaha! Shoestring fries, because they are crispier! Cats %10000000. I think I can see myself as a goat lol.



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