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How To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

It’s a painful and tense time for the world right now, and we didn’t see it right to use our good news platform for anything other than an issue we...

It’s a painful and tense time for the world right now, and we didn’t see it right to use our good news platform for anything other than an issue we feel so strongly about. Systematic racism is still thriving in 2020, and we are here to fight it as much today as we are yesterday, tomorrow, and in 5 years time.

We as a brand have been inspired by black culture from day one; we owe everything to black culture and people. So we will commit to do as much as we can to amplify this movement with our platforms and speak up for intersectional justice and equality. This might be a lifelong fight, but we’re here for it every step of the way.

To put money where our mouth is, we’ll be donating 1£ from every sale this month (June) to the Black Lives Matter foundation, as well as continuing to share helpful resources across our platforms, continuing to educate ourselves and our followers, and to listen. We hope you’ll find this edition useful to provoke your own discussions and sharing.

How to support #BLM

Not being racist in not enough. We need to be actively anti-racist. We need to get uncomfortable in order to create change.

- read, listen, watch, learn.
- donate to causes needing funding.
- show up to relevant protests.
- sign petitions.
- fill your feed with information by following relevant activists & organisations.
- understand your own privilege.
- have constructive conversations about systematic racism with white people.
- share helpful resources on your platforms.
- not just this week, but regularly.
- support black-owned businesses & creators as much as possible.

Donate (if you can)

* George Floyd Memorial Fund
* Black Lives Matter
* Color of Change
* Campaign Zero
* The Minnesota Freedom Fund
* Reclaim the Block
* Black Visions Collective
* BYP100

Watch this

Watch this video which is a provides a brilliantly clever animated insight on just how ingrained systematic racism is inside our society:

6 Books To Read

📚Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race — Renni Eddo Lodg
📚White Fragility — Robin Diangelo
📚How To Be An Antiracist — Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
📚Me and White Supremacy — Layla F. Saad
📚Me and White Supremacy — Layla F. Saad
📚I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings — Maya Angelou
📚So You Want to Talk About Race — Ijeoma Oluo

9 Netflix Shows You Can Watch

*  13th
*  Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap
*  When They See Us
*  Who Killed Malcolm X?
*  See You Yesterday
*  The Hate You Give
*  Time: The Kalief Browder Story
*  The Help

8 Podcasts To Listen To

*  1619
*  Code Switch
*  The Diversity Gap
*  Intersectionality Maters
*  Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast
*  Pod for the Cause
*  Pod Save The People
*  Bobo and Flex


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