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Meet the Plant Gang: Jezz-lee 🌱

Introducing our new series — Meet the Plant Gang 🌱 We’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented vegan tattoo artist @jezzink, from @samsaraparlour, London.Join us...

Introducing our new series — Meet the Plant Gang 🌱

We’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented vegan tattoo artist @jezzink, from @samsaraparlour, London.

Join us as we go behind the scenes with Jezz-lee to discover Jezz’s unique artistry and commitment to an ethical lifestyle. This interview offers a genuine glimpse into Jezz’s captivating work, artistic journey and deep connection between art and veganism.

Jezz-Lee’s unique artistry and commitment to an ethical lifestyle have captivated hearts far and wide. We sat down with Jezz to go behind the scenes and discover the fascinating stories that unfold with every stroke of the needle.

Brought to you by yours truly. It’s time to meet the Plant Gang and discover this incredible person behind the ink!

Jezz's fave— the Oat Is The Goat Hoodie — Sage Green

Tell us a bit about your journey?

JL: I've been tattooing since 2012. And to be honest, I was putting off tattooing for many years before that. The reason why is because the thought of tattooing someone and knowing they'll be walking around with that for the rest of their life was very intimidating to me. And it kind of just slowed down the tattooing process completely.

The last job I had before tattooing I was working in an art gallery, and there I was, teaching art as well as making art and producing art. And I kind of got stuck in that circle because when I was in school, I didn't do the best in Art (GCSE); I feel like being a young creative kid in school wasn't the best environment for me to develop as a person. And it was only until I got back into the art world through the art gallery is way It broadened my mind and it kind of gave me the confidence to get back into the art.

Why did you go vegan?

JL: In my early twenties, I was spending a lot of time meditating. A question that kept coming up to mind was my morals and how it lies with the lives of other species. It got to a point where I saw myself contradicting myself a lot because I've always been an animal lover. Everyone is born to not hate and not kill.

So growing up as I would think about this question, it became a big motivation into becoming vegan because I just wanted to develop my compassion and, you know, just live a healthier and, a happier life mentally and physically, just through rethink and certain thoughts. It was kind of a point where I was like, I've had enough of being a carnivore and eating dead animals and joining the culture of being that manly man, and I wanted to adopt me being myself and develop compassion as well as love. All of this just really contributed to why I became vegan.

Tattoos can not be vegan?

JL: Samsara is a vegan certified tattoo studio. So that means that everything we use is vegan friendly. So that goes down to the creams to the stencil paper and even the ink that goes into your skin. So it's all animal cruelty-free, made with love.

The reason why some inks are not vegan but because they use with ingredients such as beetle shells, gelatine, bone char, as well as tested on animals.

Dogs or cats?

JL: Definitely dogs. I really wanna get a Rottweiler, I think they're so adorable as puppies and then when they grow to adults they just have a nice mean look about them that I love!

Fave vegan snack?

JL: It would have to be biscoff — you can't go wrong with biscoff. It goes with bread. It goes with fruits, desserts, everything!

Fave place to eat in London?

JL: Hands down would need to be Chickenish. It's run by a good friend of mine, based in Walthamstow, and it's 10 out of 10 vegan chicken.

Any dreams for the future?

JL: Samsara started off, very small, literally in a container. My partner and I have always had dreams of expanding. So in the future, we just wanna spread the awareness of vegan ink as well as love and compassion and just keep building.

Jezz's fave— the Oat Is The Goat Hoodie — Sage Green


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