Our Story


Streetwear without the sweatshops

Plant Faced is about promoting a new wave of consciousness that supports the non-harming or exploitation of any beings - humans, animals, or plants.

Spreading awareness

Awareness is what brings change of consciousness, and what better way to Plant the Movement than by wearing the Movement, stylishly?

Together we can subtly spread the seeds of awareness of the plant-based & ethical fashion movement and preserve our planet.

High Quality, Sustainable Fabrics

We’re committed to offering the most uncompromising quality garments on the market. We take great pride in attention to detail and whether you buy a pin or a hoodie, we want your shopping experience to be of the highest possible quality it can be. We want to sell garments that are for more than a season - but for life.

Ethically Made & Fair Trade

We ensure our clothes and those who make them are treated with all the respect they deserve, and use garments that have undergone strict ethical certifications, such as Fair Wear or WRAP certified.
This means that not only will you look great but you can feel great too, knowing you'll be supporting among other things...

✔No child labour
✔No forced labour
✔ Safe & healthy working conditions
✔ A living wage

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our mailer boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with water-based inks. We’re in the process of phasing all our woven labels to be 100% recycled too. We do our best not to use any plastic in our packaging to produce less waste.

Thoughtful Designs

One of the greatest things about fashion is that it's universal - we all wear clothes daily - and this gives us a fantastic opportunity to engage with people and talk about things that are important, through subtle, thoughtful streetwear designs.