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15 Of The Most Awesome Black-Owned Vegan Businesses To Support In The UK

Among communities of colour, veganism is vibrant, distinct, and (most importantly), delicious. Black vegans are one of the highest populations of people going plant-based in the UK, so it’s no...

Among communities of colour, veganism is vibrant, distinct, and (most importantly), delicious. Black vegans are one of the highest populations of people going plant-based in the UK, so it’s no wonder that the number of Black-owned vegan businesses is on the rise, in everything from restaurants to clothing stores and to beauty brands and more.

Why not use your power and wallet as a consumer to choose products that are not only vegan, but also help close the racial wealth gap by supporting Black-owned businesses?

Keep reading to discover the most fantastic British Black-owned vegan businesses!

Frank's Remedies

Kyle Frank was inspired to start Frank's Remedies after using their own skin to test the products they were crafting. The range is all natural and vegan, with ingredients backed by ancient wisdom and extensive global research, plus fantastic values behind all the ingredients — being ethical & sustainable. 



Ethcs specialises in the production of high-quality, ethically and sustainably made clothing. It's a win-win for you and the planet! You can dress easy knowing that all of their products carry the PETA vegan and cruelty-free certification.

Deserted Cactus

Plant-based and Caribbean fusion cuisine is on the non-existent menu at Deserted Cactus - yes, you read that right. The menu changes daily, and well, there just isn't one, as Esme, the only chef and owner, serves only one dish per day. It’ll surely keep you on your toes as it is always something different! 


With the vision of making sustainable fashion accessible, Sancho's launched to support a fair, safe, and equitable industry. You can expect every product they sell to be ethically made utilising only sustainable materials, including their clothing, jewellery, home decor, and more! Find out more about Sancho’s and their Black female founder, Kalkidan, in the brand new BBC documentary, ‘Bossing it: Fishing Fashion.’

Eat of Eden

Get ready to experience Caribbean comfort food at its best at Eat of Eden. Enjoy massive portions of delicious cruelty-free dishes including chickpea curry, lentil stew, and other vegan food items that are hard to find elsewhere (that are as good, anyway).

Vegan Shack

The future of fast food living right in the heart of Manchester. Vegan Shack's burgers, fries, shakes, nuggets and breakfast menu will be enough to make any grown adult drool. We know where we're heading on our next trip up north.


Based in London — Elephant and Castle — Beza Vegan food makes the tastiest, most flavour-filled Ethiopian food out; and the best part? Everything is vegan. You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, in fact, why not just have it all at once on a platter? If you dine in, there is even a chance you might get to meet Beza, the Black female owner of this renowned restaurant!


LIHA is a Black and female-owned beauty company with African roots. In Nigeria, there is a tradition of making beauty products from leafy foliage, nuts, and the bark of trees. Liha and Abi used these natural ingredients to create a natural beauty community and company! 

Kemi Telford

Yvonne Modupe Telford created Kemi Telford in 2017, and she and her team work closely with small, independent manufacturers to make sure their vegan clothing is ethically made. It features bright and bold statement pieces for women of all sizes.

Earth To Earth Organics

People, planet, skin - Earth to Earth Organics keeps it simple by producing cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly body washes, oils, and butter. Owners and married couple Danny and Tenesia Pascal want to further their customers’ connection with the earth through their skin using natural ingredients in all of their products.


We'd buy some just for that very cool bold monochromatic packaging, but the best part is, this stuff actually delivers above and beyond having some seriously good looks. Hydrating shampoos to smooth and soothe your hair, deep conditioners to nourish those tresses, and body conditioners to deliver your skin some serious nourishment. Dizziak's goodies are black female owned, vegan, plus Silicone, paraben, mineral oil and cruelty free and won't weigh down your hair or leave any residue.

Go Go Beets

Keep reading if you have a sweet tooth! In addition to Go Go Beets tasty on-the-go meals, like their Vegan Greek Salad, they are renowned for their dairy-free and egg-free desserts! If you're in Edinburgh, make sure you hit these folks up.


LoveRems is a chemical-free and cruelty-free skincare line that is suitable for sensitive skin and made from sustainable ingredients! The founder of this natural skincare company was trying to find a solution to Eczema and did so in shea butter, and thus LoveRems was created! All of the ingredients come straight from Mother Earth.

Sowl Fuud

Sowl Fuud is Gloucester's first 100% vegan takeaway. Their fast-food menu includes burgers, wraps, and other delicious options!

Dee’s Table

Jerk chicken, oxtail, run-down - Jamaica isn’t typically known for its wide range of vegan options. Still, luckily for visitors to the UK, Dee’s Table is creating authentic Jamaican meals without the meat. Using 100 percent plant-based ingredients and spices, get ready for Jamaican favourites like Brown Strew, but with tofu instead of chicken! 

Get amongst the goodness at one of Dee's pop-ups or supper tables — check the website for dates and more information.

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