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The 25+ Best Vegan Ice Cream Parlours In The World

Calling all vegan ice cream enthusiasts and plant-based dessert aficionados! If you thought the world of ice cream was reserved exclusively for dairy lovers, think again. Brace yourselves for a...

Calling all vegan ice cream enthusiasts and plant-based dessert aficionados! If you thought the world of ice cream was reserved exclusively for dairy lovers, think again. Brace yourselves for a tantalising journey through the realm of frozen delights that will leave your taste buds screaming for more. Welcome to Plant Faced Clothing's ultimate guide to the 25+ best vegan ice cream parlors in the world!

Picture this: creamy scoops of dairy-free heaven, decadent flavors that ignite your imagination, and delightful concoctions that redefine the boundaries of plant-based indulgence. Whether you're a committed vegan, an adventurous foodie, or simply curious about the wonders of cruelty-free frozen treats, we've got you covered.

In celebration of World Ice Cream Day (because who needs an excuse to indulge?), we scoured the globe for the crème de la crème of vegan ice cream parlors. From bustling metropolises to hidden gems off the beaten path, we've handpicked the creamiest, dreamiest, and most innovative establishments that have mastered the art of crafting guilt-free frozen bliss.

So, prepare to embark on a delightful journey as we unveil our curated list of the finest vegan ice cream shops worldwide. And fear not, for our lineup includes some vegan-friendly bonus chains that ensure you won't miss out, no matter where you find yourself.

Ready to dive headfirst into a world of luscious scoops and delectable flavors? Grab your spoons, loosen your belts, and get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth like never before. Let's dive into the creamy, dreamy paradise of the 25+ best vegan ice cream parlors in the world. Let the plant-based indulgence and your sweet tooth bucket list begin!

Girls & Boys

Melbourne, Australia

The little sibling next door to the infamous long-standing institution, Veggie Bar. This quaint little parlour pumps out epic plant based gelato made in house in small batches, alongside other delicious desserts and smoothies. 

  • Top pick: Gluten-Free Peanut Fudge Brownie gelato


Tribeca Ice Cream

Berlin, Germany

Made with nuts and raw organic coconut oil (all gluten and soy free), super good looking AND delicious plant based ice creams with exciting experimental flavours on rotation. Using local and organic ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than this!

  • Top pick: Pistachio Lucuma — simply and classy

Balaram Eis

Berlin, Germany

Vegan ice cream parlour offering around 12 ice cream varieties daily, rotating often, with delicious organic vegan cones. Sprinkles and strawberry/chocolate/caramel sauce extra toppings are also available for free. Plus, they have some very tasty milkshakes on offer! Right next to a park so you can eat your ice cream whilst enjoying some fresh air or a stroll in the neighbourhood — magical.

  • Top pick: New York cheesecake


Munich, Germany

We don't want to be ones to pick favourites but wow! IceDate blew us away when we tried their offerings during a vegan festival we participated in Berlin. They have a permanent fixture in Munich, Germany, and best believe we would travel there for it... the best part is not only do they make the best vegan ice creams ever, they use all organic ingredients and NO refined sugars — you heard right, these folks actually use dates to sweeten this deliciousness — incredible! No guilt for the planet or for your body. The base is a super creamy cashew one that hits like no other.

  • Top pick: Creamy Berry Ice Cream



Warsaw, Poland

Open only during the summer but not to be missed! Natural handmade vegan ice cream with looks creamy and delicious.

  • Top pick: Cardamom ice cream with dried date glaze and sprinkled with roasted pistachio cubes!


Copenhagen, Denmark

So good they opened 4 of them, all around Copenhagen! Hand made plant-based ice cream made from all organic ingredients. With a rotating menu of over 30 flavours, if you're in Copenhagen it'd be a crime not to stop by for a visit. 

  • Top pick: Oatly blues (coconut oat nicecream with gluten free oat cookie & blueberry lemon sauce)

Mad Pops

Seminyak, Bali

Incredible artisanal creamy vegan ice cream with locally sourced ingredients. It's as fresh as it gets and close to the source of premium coconuts as you could ask for. We have been here personally on some travels and it would not be an understatement to say it was so good we went back almost every day while in the area!

  • Top pick: Rainbow


Ubud, Bali

Handcrafted, locally made and sourced small batch vegan ice cream which is made from raw coconut cream and low-glycemic coconut sugar as sweetener. Plus, all their cones are gluten-free! If you’re visiting Bali, this is another one not to be missed.

  • Top pick: Ginger, Cardamom, Rose

Nice Cream

Taiwan, Taipei

Who would have thought you'd find plant based Italian gelato in Taiwan? And damn, do they do it well! Made from real ingredients using soy, coconut and almond milks, featuring some local flavours (eg., tieguanyin oolong tea, passion fruit) depending on seasonality. They are also especially known for being the only place in Taipei serving up a vegan Hong Kong “egg” waffle (bubble waffle). You also can’t go past their vegan milkshakes — yum!

  • Top pick: Oolong

Frozen Fruit Co

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Lawyers turned ice cream shop owners, Michael and Victoria sold everything they owned to open up Frozen Fruit Co in Santa Monica, California. Frozen Fruit Co focuses on creating vegan ice creams that consist of a short list of ingredients you've actually heard of, like dates, maple, pears, and peaches.

  • Top pick: Vanilla Chocolate Mint Fudge



Scoops Dessert Bar

Chicago, IL, USA
The windy city was in for a real treat when Scoops Dessert Bar opened in 2021.This woman-owned, gluten-free, and vegan dessert shop serves everything from double scoops of dairy-free ice cream to boozy milkshakes.

  • Top pick: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich 



Oahu, HI, USA
Hawaiian grown bananas are transformed into frozen deliciousness by Banán, an ice cream shop on the island of Oahu. Four childhood friends started the food truck in an effort to support Hawaiian agriculture, and they now operate in three locations around the island.

  • Top pick: Papaya Boat



Veganista Ice Cream

Austria, Vienna

Veganista in Austria, Vienna does not cater to indecisive diners, as it offers more than 18 unique and dairy-free flavours every day. Stick to the classics such as chocolate or strawberry or expand your taste buds with flavours like their maple pecan or basil. 

  • Top pick: Carrot Cake Inbetwiener 




Glendale, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Plantbased SOFT SERVE handmade daily? Yes please! Organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, AND Kosher that’s the type of ice cream you’ll get at Yoga-urt. Their premium soft serve is available in over 30 rotating seasonal and original flavours. Creamy, dreamy, and dairy-free! 

  • Top pick: Chocolate Bliss and Peanut Butter Swirl



Anu Island Soft Serve

Honolulu, HI, USA
Among the rotating (and highly interesting) flavours of Anu Island Soft Serve are Li Hing Lava, Mango Haupia, and Haupia Sweet Potato Pie, just to name a few. This unique shop offers an abundance of plant-based flavours and toppings, as well! 

  • Top pick: Anu Island is constantly rotating between flavours, so you’ll just have to decide for yourself!  


Dear Bella Creamery

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Say hello to Hollywood's first all-vegan ice cream shop Dear Bella Creamery! You know the ice cream is good when celebrities like Usher and vegan activist Joaquin Phoenix have been spotted there.

  • Top pick: we highly recommend their seasonal scoops. As of now, our favourite is the Lychee Raspberry Daiquiri! 




Austin, TX
A cute little parlour with a gluten-free bakery full of epic treats and over 40 rotating coconut milk based, fully vegan ice cream flavours. With everything from Thai tea to Horchata flavours, you will definitely find something to tantalise your taste buds at Gati.
  • Top pick : Cookie monster. Who doesn’t love a good spin on cookies ‘n’ cream? Rich chocolatey flavour since with Oreos and cookie dough mixed in, deeelish.


​​Frankie & Jo’s

Seattle, WA, USA
I don’t think it gets much better than Frankie & Jo’s — vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, women-owned & a certified b-corporation. Cute branding, delicious rotating flavours…. Should we drop the mic now? Nope, we’ll keep going… Made from house made sprouted cashew and coconut milk, seasonal vegetables, adaptogens and superfoods. Their flavours feature whole food and organic ingredients, and their maple-vanilla waffle cone batter is gluten-free and made every single day using pure maple syrup, oat flour, bloomed flax seeds, and a hint of brown sugar.
  • Top pick: Strawberry milk 



Boston, MA, USA
Epic plant based ice cream with amazing creaminess and a local focus, but the real star of the show here is also their vegan ice cream CAKES and sandwiches! Perfect for a special occasion. They also have vegan hot fudge, gummy bears, pastries, hot chocolate and more — guaranteed to satisfy any hard core sweet tooth.
  • Top pick: Cookies and Nog 

Sticky Sweet

Portland, ME, USA
Portland, Maine's first plant-based ice cream shop, owned by two sisters who make the ice cream from scratch in small batches without dairy, eggs, gluten, cane sugar, refined sugars, or anything artificial. A tremendous feat and an extremely exciting one for all our health-conscious ice cream consumers!
  • Top pick: Rum raisin 


Kate's Ice Cream

Portland, OR, USA
Woman-owned plant-based and gluten-free ice cream and dessert shop using fresh local ingredients. The reviews on Kate’s are raving, so you better not skip out this one. Plus, the interiors are super cute and colourful — a must visit if you’re in the vegan capital!
  • Top pick: Salted peanut butter brittle 



Plant+Love Ice Cream


St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Premium, dairy-free (coconut milk based) ice cream, made from organic coconut milk and love, hand-crafted from simple ingredients — they also offer ‘flights’ which is a buffet of 5 different scoops, for you die-hard vegan ice cream fanatics. We LOVE that all their flavours are CBD infused — each scoop contains 15 mg of organic CBD, so you can get your sugar fix AND feel relaxed through that sugar high. We love to see it!
  • Top pick: Peanut butter fudge ripple


Vegan-Friendly: Messina


The vegan options at Messina are plentiful, with unique flavours such as pandan and coconut sorbet, blood orange, salted coconut and mango salsa, among others. They have several locations in Australia and even one in Hong Kong!
  • Top pick: Salted Coconut & Mango Salsa. The crowd favourite and most popular sorbet on the menu for a reason. 


Vegan-Friendly: Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen has launched its first vegan frozen dessert a gluten-free version of the classic Dilly Bar! The Non-Dairy Dilly Bar is made of coconut cream-based soft serve and topped with crunchy chocolate. Be sure to call ahead to make sure they have them available at a Dairy Queen near you!

Vegan-Friendly: Van Leeuwen


In 2008, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream began serving New Yorkers from a simple, yellow truck. The company's mission was to make good ice cream that made you feel good, including their vegan options! They now have locations in California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and coming soon in Colorado and Connecticut. Check out all of their vegan flavours, here
  • Top pick: Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Chunk

Vegan-Friendly: Salt & Straw

Dairy-free but just as indulgent, Salt & Straw knows how to please its vegan customers. They're committed to keeping at least 20 percent of their menu vegan, and they've pleasantly surprised visitors with dairy-free flavours including Mint Chip with Theo Chocolate.

Vegan-Friendly: Full Tilt Ice Cream

Full Tilt Ice Cream provides the best possible ice cream and frozen desserts made with all natural ingredients. In addition to ice cream, their shops feature new and vintage arcade and pinball machines, beer, and of course, delicious ice cream.Their vegan flavours include vanilla, salted popcorn, blueberry crumble, and chocolate!
  • Top pick: Vegan Mango Chilli with Strawberry Drizzle and Mochi Bites

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